Isaiah Thomas Thanks Shock Doctor Mouthguards After Playoff Injury



Isaiah Thomas Thanks Shock Doctor Mouthguards After Playoff Injury

Thomas’ injury in NBA playoffs reminder of importance of mouthguard adoption in basketball


Fountain Valley, California (May 4, 2017) – National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs continued Tuesday night as fans watched Isaiah Thomas lead Boston to an exciting overtime victory and a 2-0 lead in the series. Despite losing his tooth during Sunday’s Game 1, and enduring extensive dental surgery, Thomas pushed through the pain to make a notable return to the court for Game 2 and racked up an impressive career-high 53 points. This time, Thomas wore a custom mouthguard, providing praise and thanks to Shock Doctor, the official mouthguard of the NBA.


“That was my first time wearing a mouthguard, and it’s a good thing too because I hit my teeth pretty hard again. Without Shock Doctor, my tooth would probably have been on the ground like it was in Game 1. I now understand the importance of wearing a mouthguard,” Thomas said during a post-game press conference Tuesday night.


Thomas’ initial injury, while incredibly painful, is unfortunately not uncommon – nearly a third of all basketball injuries to high school athletes are to the head and face.[1] And while mouthguards are a critical piece of facial protective equipment, they are not required in basketball. 


“Our partnership with the NBA allows us to continue our mission to ensure athletes have the best protective equipment to stay safe on the court,” said Tony Armand, CEO of United Sports Brands, the parent company of Shock Doctor. “Thomas has been playing remarkable basketball and we’re glad wearing a mouthguard is now part of his essential gear.” 


About Shock Doctor:

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[1] High School RIO; National High School Sports-Related Injury Surveillance Study, 2008-2013

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