United Sports Brands Rolls Out New Enhanced B2B E-commerce Site

United Sports Brands Rolls Out New, Enhanced B2B E-commerce Platform

Developed by PlumRiver, the new site will improve the ordering and tracking experience for sales reps and retail partners across the entire family of brands


Fountain Valley, Calif. (June 15, 2017) – United Sports Brands, a global leader in sports performance and protective products, announced today that its new e-commerce platform, for use by its sales representatives and retail partners, is now live. Developed by PlumRiver LLC, a leading provider of B2B e-commerce software solutions, the new United Sports Brands site will provide enhanced one-stop ordering capabilities for Shock Doctor, McDavid, Cutters, Nathan and XO Athletic brands.


"We’re taking the innovation we build into each of our products and channeling it into our new B2B e-commerce site," said Tony Armand, CEO of United Sports Brands. "This site will offer our customers and reps an easier, more efficient method for entering orders for any of our brands, anytime and anywhere. The platform will also feature order status monitoring, history and tracking to help simplify and improve processes for our busy retail partners and sales reps, ultimately allowing us to better satisfy the needs of our customers."


PlumRiver's Retailer Web Application provides key features that enhance order creation and management for retailers, including expanded product search capability, dynamic product imaging, real-time inventory visibility, CRM, custom ordering, product promotions, sales incentives, cross-selling and self-service management of order and invoice status and history, which includes live tracking.

"The B2B e-commerce platform we built for United Sports Brands is highly flexible and designed to mirror the company’s business processes, while seamlessly integrating with its existing ERP and IT infrastructure," said David Lampert, VP of Business Development at PlumRiver. "We are privileged to put our solutions to work for the iconic brands in the United Sports Brands family as we help them boost their bottom line by engaging more efficiently with retailers and enhancing sales growth."


About United Sports Brands

United Sports Brands is a global leader in sports performance and protective products designed to help athletes perform at their personal best. Brands within the portfolio include Shock Doctor, the #1 global leader in mouthguards; McDavid, a brand at the top of the recommended lists of pro athletes, sports medicine professionals and athletic trainers for more than 35 years; Cutters, the innovative leader in the athletic glove market and high performance glove grip technology; and, XO Athletic, a premium, game-changing developer of athletic cups and sports protection. And its newest addition Nathan, the running essentials market leader in athletic hydration, visibility and performance gear. United Sports Brands is also a portfolio company of Bregal Partners, a private equity investment firm. For more information, please visit www.Unitedspb.com


About PlumRiver

Founded in 2003, PlumRiver LLC is a leading provider of B2B e-commerce software solutions. Easy-to-use, web-based applications are tailored to the needs of manufacturers and wholesalers of footwear, apparel, sporting goods and other segments of the specialty retail market. The company’s solutions quickly bridge the gap between order processing systems, sales reps, independent retailers and consumers, while improving communication, workflow and customer service, enhancing sales, increasing operational efficiency and boosting profitability. Clients benefit from solutions designed to quickly and easily integrate with existing IT infrastructure and ERP systems. PlumRiver’s Elastic Suite offers Digital Catalogs, Assortment Planning and Whiteboarding tools. For more information, visit www.plumriver.com, or www.elasticsuite.com.