Former University of Ottawa Gee-Gees Jeff Beraznik founded the Cutters brand in Canada during the 1990s, when a hand injury forced him to wear gloves. Not satisfied with any available football gloves on the market, he came across industrial gloves used by glass handlers and cutters. The gloves did the trick and led to years of research to develop the concept into high-performance sports gloves. This was the launching pad for Cutters in 1997 and its C-Tack grip technology.


To be on the hands of more performance-driven, outcome-altering and hero-worthy athletes.



Cutters is all about The Grip. Our construction is unstoppable, our design incredible and our technology unbeatable. We’ve created the strongest, most consistent, ultra-durable and hero-making grip in the business. Pro, semi-pro, collegiate and high school football players know what Cutters is all about.

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C-TACK Performance Grip Material is the only one where the grip is part of the material. This innovation not only creates a strong grip, but a grip that is durable, self-restoring and performs in all weather conditions. When your Cutters Gloves get dirty, simply machine wash or wipe down with a damp towel and your grip will be restored.




Having the most innovative, highest-performing grip means nothing without consistency, reliability and durability. Cutters football gloves are made for all-weather conditions—cold or rain won’t compromise performance—and are machine washable for the cleanest look and feel. Plus, the Rev Tack Recharge makes the material more resilient, able to be cleaned in action with a damp cloth. Cutters is proud to stay at the forefront of technology that helps make players into heroes.




Find the greatness in your hands by finding the greatness on your hands. You’re the player who defies Momma Nature, denies gravity its due and delivers turf-pounding frustration. Lock in with the dominating performance of C-TACK and the next gripping idea from Cutters. You may not have brought the ball, but you’ll leave with the ball.

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